Posted by: adheardhie | August 16, 2011

What happen with Nazaruddin ???

Nazaruddin had already been visited by his lawyer. Even that time, Nazaruddin was visited at the same time by his two lawyers who claimed that both of them are his authorized lawyers.
Two lawyers who came to the Mobile Brigade Corps Command Headquarters in Kelapa Dua Depok, West Java, on Monday (15 / 08) were the famous lawyer, Elza Syarif and the lawyer of 0C Kaligis Associates.
When she was asked about the power of attorney letter as Nazaruddin legal lawyer, Syarif said that she would show it later in the Mako Brimob .
Elza Syarif arrived at 14:10 pm with a driver by a black Toyota Corolla with plate number B 1751 UFX. Previously, there was a Nazaruddin legal lawyer from the attorney’s office of 0C Kaligis Associates.
One of the lawyer from that lawyer’s office, Afrian Bondjol, was not able to comment about the appointment of Elza Syarief. Bondjol asserted that he did not want to have a polemic about the appointment of Nazaruddin lawyer.
He said that the entire Indonesian people have already known that Nazaruddin lawyers are OC Kaligis and his teams. He also said that they had also clearly shown the power of attorney in front of members of parlement and that they had been appointed by Nazaruddin.
He asserted that it was very well if the issue of appointment of Elsa Sharif was asked to Nazaruddin family. He explained that it was up to the family, a thousand lawyers might also be able if they have a power of attorney letter.


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